We get a lot of customers asking about metal roofing. Well, the metal industry has done a great job of promoting the idea that metal roofs last forever. Is it good for your home? Let us break dow

Here’s what I tell my customers before installing a metal roof.

  1. There’s two types of metal – Corrugated (Exposed Screws) and Standing Seam (hidden fasteners)
  2. Standing Seam is much better, however, the cost is a lot more. 
  3. With the corrugated metal (exposed screws) the rubber washer dry rots in about 10-12 years and causes a lot of small leaks to pop up all over the roof.
  4. Fade factor – Yes, the metal panels should last forever, however, the accessories and screws do not. Also the panels will fade just like any other building material. We have seen folks that once had red roofs that are now pink. With shingles, they fade too, but they are usually changed and freshen up within 20-25 years so fading isn’t a problem.
  5. Leaks! Very often when a metal roof leaks, it’s very hard to pinpoint the leak. Water travels much easier under metal that shingles before finding some way in your home. This can lead to very costly repairs.
  6. Finally, if you still want metal…make sure it’s installed correctly. The old shingles still have to come off. I’ve seen a lot of installers leave the old shingles on and strip the roof with 1×4’s. After a few years, you will be able to see exactly where the wood strips are because the metal paint will fade at a different rate because of the temperature difference between the wood and shingles.

It’s not that metal roofing might not be for you, but contact us today to see if this is a fit for you. Also, know these downfalls before making your decisions.