How to Get an Insurance Approved Roof

Get Started on Your New Roof

Steps to a New Roof:

  1. Call us for a free inspection.

  2. If we find damage, call your insurance company to report it.

  3. An adjuster will contact you with a day and time for your roof inspection.

  4. We would love to come and represent you while the adjuster is there so let us know the time and date.

  5. When approved, it is down to business: you pick out the color, and when you want your new roof installed.

  6. Install Day: YOU GET YOUR NEW ROOF!

  7. We do not accept any payment until the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied. At that point, we will accept the full amount per the insurance estimate.

  8. Go leave us a review, it helps keep getting wonderful customers like you.

A little on the insurance process:

We have worked alongside many different insurance agencies in providing their clients with a quality roof installation. We know the insurance process very well and can walk you through it step by step as well. We will provide all the pictures and documents necessary to help this process be as smooth and painless as possible.