About Stiles Roofing

Stiles Roofing is a trusted roofing company based in Gasotnia, NC. Establisted in 2013, we have completed over 500+ jobs during this time. You can trust us to have your best interest in mind to complete a quick but quality job for your home. Our goal is to operate safely, with the highest integrity, supreme quality, and treat your house just like ours. Not only do we want to keep our crews safe, but your family too. That’s why we advise calling us before stepping out of the door while we are working on your roof. In addition, we check to make sure all of your gas appliance vents are still connected after we tear off the roof. We truly care about your family. If we do make mistakes, we correct the issue in a timely manner and do what’s right. We only use high-quality materials and stand by our products. To us, that’s our insurance if something goes wrong with the roof. We make sure to only use the same accesories as the shingle manufacturer to ensure eveyrthing works together seemlessly. We do our best to make the decisions on your house just like it was our own. We go the extra mile and fix items that the customer isn’t even aware of just because we care. You can trust Stiles Roofing with your home.

Sales Team

Billy Stiles


Billy Stiles has been in construction since he was a small child and that’s all he knows. He started cleaning construction projects and worked up from there. A graduate of Appalachian State with a Construction and Business degree, he is knowledgable and prepared to take care of your roofing needs. In addition, he holds a residential and commercial contractor license with the State of North Carolina and numerous other manufacturing certifications. He is also a LEED AP (“Green Building”) which helps Stiles Roofing to be as earth-conscious as possible. 


Michael Davis

Sales Manager

Project Manager

Norlan Cerrato

Crew Leader

Certainteed Shingle Master

We have a large & qualified crew of workers.

Let’s make your new roof easy

Here at Stiles Roofing, we know a new roof can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! Check out some of our frequently asked questions to help you understand more.

My roof is approved by my insurance company, what do I do next?

It’s easy! Just pick a color from our examples page and we will handle the rest including the paperwork. On insurance jobs, we accept no money upfront and only get paid when you are satisfied and you have all of the insurance money.

How long does the install take?

The install is a very quick process. On the average home, 1 day from start to finish. So you will have a new roof soon!

Will there be nails lying around?

We take a lot of pride and care in the cleanup and try to do our very best job. At the end of the job, we run magnetics over the area to pick up any stray nails. Though there could be one missed, we take the best care to ensure your house is back to the way it was before, with a new roof of course.

Are you insured?

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with our insurance certificate upon your request.

What do you do with the old shingles?

We take them to a recycling center that repurposes the materials. You don’t have to do a thing!

Do black shingles get hotter than other colors?

Yes, however, it’s not a huge difference and it shouldn’t be noticeable inside the home as long as you have the proper insulation in the attic. If you like the idea of a black roof, it should not be a problem to go for it.